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2014: Start of a new phase

Greetings, visitors! Thanks for dropping by “The Growing Bam-Boo”. It has been long since I posted something here, While I chill with my glass of cocktail and listening to KPOP (Now Playing: Still I Miss You by Infinite), I shall do some writing here! 😛

It’s April! Been working for an event company since End Feb. It was a temp job, front end people so I got to meet and speak to people from different backgrounds. I am not someone who likes talking to strangers, cos I am worried that I dun use the correct words and stuffs, or I cant keep up with the conversation. Yes, due to lack of confidence. But when I am able to strike a conversation with someone, I realise I dun speak that badly, and I enjoy the conversation with him/her/them. In a way, I am more of a listener than the speaker, cos I enjoy listening to their stories and experiences. There are things that I can learn from them, and apply to my studies and future career. 🙂

Talking about studies, I am going back to school soon! Enrolled into SIM, and I have 3 more weeks of break before my 1-month intensive bridging course commences. Most of my friends are already in Uni, so I guess I will probably not know anyone on the first day of school. Feeling excited yet worried now. HAHAHA! Anyway, I have applied for local Uni too, hoping to get into other faculties cos it’s important for me to get into Accountancy (Blame myself for not doing well in poly). Though I am somewhat accepted by SIM already, I secretly pray hard that I will get the offer letter from local Uni. 😡

I decided to step into the insurance industry. Yup, I am quite surprised too that I made this decision. Have to the intention to take over my mum’s clients when she decides to stop being an GI agent. For the past 1.5 months, I had been attending tutorials and preparing for the exams. Mr Clogged Brains of mine finally stop procrastinating and started digesting my notes. He probably died after every exam cos the prep time of each exam is 6 days or less. After 1.5 months of hard stressful studies, I finally cleared the four basic exams (cleared my last paper on 22 April!), and I have an interview on Monday. Wish me luck! HAHAHA! After that, my status will be 半工半读.. LOL! And hey friends, if we meet up, please dun see me as someone who is trying to make you buy insurance ok! See me as the same being that you know since that day we become friends ok! HAHAHA! Our friendships are important, though meeting quotas is also important LOL. But dun let that affect us ok! 😀

So yup, that is about it. Just came back from the toilet and you know what, I picked up 2 $1 coins near the toilet door. How lucky! Shall keep quiet and pocket them. HAHAHA! Looked into the mirror beside my desk and I realised I look like shit. Messy long hair, eyebags and dark circles are coming out, that’s what happens when you dun sleep early. Luckily I didnt lose weight cos I have been eating exceptionally well these few weeks. HEHE~ And I think my appetite will get even better next week, if you know why. Alrighties, need to do a mask before I sleep! And get a haircut later in the afternoon. Shall end off my post with The Empty Space for You by Yoo Chun. Enjoy and have a good day ahead!

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2013: A summary

2013 is coming to an end.
My views on 2013: A really happening year, and a year which I saw the most changes in myself.
I complained, I blamed alot in the previous years.
I made myself suffer badly.
This year, it was totally different.
I started it really fresh, mainly cos I cleared my mind and left everything in 2012. Lol!
I feel lighter and happier this year, and I hope this will continue until the end of my life.
And I mended some bonds with my old friends.

A summary of events this year:

1) 25 July – I turned 22! Had a quick birthday lunch with Liting at BBQ Chicken! hahahaha! My first celebration with friends~ had lots of fun catching up! 😀 And the continuous birthday lunches with my MINDEF colleagues! Thanks Michelle, Jenny, Catherine, Angelene, Chris, Siu Lai!

2) 2 August – meet up with MFCO friends at Chomp chomp! BBQ Seafood dinner with Jamie, Shi Heng, Zhao Xuan and Peiling! It was Zhao Xuan’s ORD and Shi Heng’s disruption date too hahaha! And Peiling surprised me with a birthday cake! Was really unexpected and damn touched by her surprise. :’) so the night ended with a chilling session at Peiling’s block void deck and helping her pack goodie bags for BHID! #nineyearsoffriendship

3) 2 October – ORD Lunch! Planned by my wonderful understudy Jun Boon, I had a department lunch at a Korean family restaurant! Hahaha! The food was really delicious! Had my favourite fish cake soup and fried chicken!

4) 6 October – my officer’s wedding! Hahaha! He officially becomes UNAVAILABLE hahaha! This was the second wedding dinner I had attended (i attended 3 this year btw), so why did I mention his wedding in this post? This was the most unique wedding dinner I have attended! The dinner was practically an imperial feast, with 佛跳墙,雪蛤 and other 山珍海味! Unlike the usual wedding dinners, the atmosphere was damn high cos of the various getai singers and the emcee Marcus Chin! Everyone who attended the dinner really had fun!
My officer and his wife!
Suckling pig!

5) 7 to 18 Oct – Satisfying my cravings – bulgogi, eomook, hanwoo, dimsum, 车仔面! Yup, I spent 2 weeks in Korea and Hong Kong! Didn’t have a very packed itinerary cos just wanna relax, eat and have fun! Hahaha! What I found out about myself during the trip was that I could spend $150 within 2 hours! And that was just clothings and shoes! Skin care products wise, I dunno how much it cost! Hahahaha! To those who know me long enough, you should be quite stunned cos I am not someone who likes to shop for clothes! Hahahaha!
Jump, the martial arts comedy!

6) 8 November – ORD lo!! Ah boy to man? No leh I still feel like a boy hahahah! My last day of service in DMG, had mixed feelings that day! Made alot of friends from different departments so felt kinda sad. Oh, even though its my last day, I was still super blur. Hahaha! I left my document in the office, which was required in returning of camp pass. So had to go office to take and go down to the pass office to return my pass. So before I left, my department and friends gave me a really expensive farewell gift and a nice card. And Jun Boon still tried to fool me for the last time when he is out of office hahaha! Anyway, thanks officers and EA friends for their guidance and help during my 2 years. And the closer EA friends and officers who had been really good listeners and gave me lots of advice. They really made me become more positive and motivated 🙂
ORD LO! From my department 😀
Certificates and gifts from my officers and other colleagues! 😀

7) 24 to 25 December – Christmas with MFCO Guanyue! 😀 Held at Shi Heng’s & Yong Shun’s hall, we had an enjoyable night playing Truth or Dare. It was a small group of 5 and we had alot of food, and gift exchange. LOL!
Our Christmas celebration!

Ok thats all for the events!
Honestly, this year passed really fast compared to 2012. HAHAHA!
And I should be happy that I achieved quite a few stuffs on my check up.
Most importantly, I SURVIVED 2 YEARS OF ARMY!!
Thats really my biggest achievement I think. 😛
Although I havent meet up much with my friends, I am glad that there are still who continued to stay in my pathetic life and gave me support as and when I needed it.
You guys should know who you are! ❤
In life, we really dun need that many friends

Now, For 2014, I wanna:
1) Stay happy and positive like I did in 2013!
2) Work hard to be a successful person – in work, academic and friendship!
3) Study hard in Uni!
4) Pick up a new skill in performing arts 🙂
5) Find a girlfriend – hopefully I meet a nice girl in Uni! I wont reject set-up and meetings/matchmaking by friends LOL. I dun have much criteria for a gf ok. Just comfortable, appreciate who I am and like music, and not round! 😀 Most important is hweelings ok!
6) Get fitter and gain weight! (This is forever there hahaha!)

Ok! Thats all! All these are not really hard to achieve as long as I am consistent and motivated.
Must tell myself, I CAN DO IT! 😀
“In order to love someone, you have to first learn how to love yourself.”
Cant remember who told me this hahaha!
Lastly, HAPPY 2014!!
I shall end it with a happy song! 😀 CHORONG AH!!!

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My crap :p

Woah it has been long since I posted.
I guess I have recovered already, if you know what I mean. Kekeke!
Anyway, I thought I met someone I like, but I guess she’s not the one eventually. Hahaha!
I will have to work harder and be a better me!
I need to gain more brains and more weight for now…
First step to gain confidence. 🙂
After that, better academic achievements!
My last chance to prove myself already.
And choosing my next CCA~
Definitely gonna be music/performing arts related 🙂
Anyway, 4 months to ORD.
The transition period is ending.
Will be quite lost for a period of time bah.
Alright~ I gotta plan out what I am gonna do after NS.
For now, will continue to be strong and happy! 🙂

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Protected: An endless nightmare.

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The journey ends here…?

K Attack 2 ended.
A full house concert, with really high audience.
Received a stalk of flower from Wenqi! :’)
Teardrops rolled down from my left eye in the middle of the concert, while we were playing Alone.
Luckily I wiped it off before my Sheng mates see it.
I wish the time on stage passed super slowly then.
But that 1 hour plus ended passed real fast.
Hahaha… Gonna miss the stage!
Anyway, my section juniors did well on stage!
Especially the year 1 and those who joined this year!
I am gonna miss them as well as lfy and Taurus!
Ok and all those who have been with me by my side I joined CO!
So much laughter and jokes during practices and intervals!
Although I say it’s the last,
But I really hope it’s not…
Cos I had lots of memories there..
Be it happy or sad.

Annual Concert is around the corner, so everyone performing must jiayou!

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Bury all the unhappiness inside my heart.
Scream deep down inside.
Really hate that feeling.
But I have to smile and pretend like nothing has happened.
That’s the most tiring part.
I dunno when I will burst.
Wish you were here…

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And meaning?

Thought of it again.
I feel the pain, again.
But it went off just while later.
What does that mean?
I love myself.
And I miss.
That special person.

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Happy food, too much or too little?

In the past, I dun eat when I feel down or sad etc…
But now, I will buy all sorts of food and push it down my stomach…
Really eat until shuang siaz!
Kinda unhealthy but it did make me feel better.
Plus playing good music in my dad’s room.
Hmm. But just hate the super bloated feeling…
And I guess I gonna have a sore throat soon…
Feel the burning sensation.
Despite this, I am still munching on biscuits and watching horror movie!

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